Ankara Meeting

The first transnational meeting took place in Ankara from 23-25 November, 2016. The project teams of each school met for the first time. The teachers did a short presentation and explained their school systems. Project activities of the first year were planned and the meeting ended up with a city tour and a cultural evening with delicious food of the Turkish cuisine.

Romania Meeting

The second transnational meeting took place in Moreni, Romania during the dates 1-3 March. Our Romanian partner school welcomed us so warmly with flowers and their traditional bread and salt on the first day of March, which is celebrated as the welcoming of spring in the country. We were given Marti broches to bring us prosperity, good luck and energy for life.

During the meeting teachers observed Art and English classes, listened to Romanian songs sung by the school choir, watched a PE performance and participated in arts and crafts workshops. The visiting schools learnt a lot about the Romanian culture as well as the country. We were all impressed by the beauty of the Peles and Bran castles, two important historical attractions of Romania.

Bulgaria Meeting

Project partners came together in Sofia, Bulgaria during the dates 28 May-2 June 2017 for the third project meeting. We were so happy to see each other again. Our Bulgarian friends welcomed us in their traditional way with their delicious Pitka bread, salt and honey, which is to show hospitality and to wish for a healthy and delightful life. We watched the sudents dancing in their traditional costumes and listened to Bulgarian children's songs. There was a big effort in preparing sample English, Music, Arts and PE lessons for the guests and that was very much appreciated. We made an evaluation of the first year and planned the activities that are on the schedule for the second year...

We all left Bulgaria with lots of sweet memories and worthy experiences in our pockets....
Thank you Nadya (and her team)....

Italy Meeting

The fourth meeting was held in beautiful Vasto, Italy during the dates 13-16 December. Vasto, during this time of year, was a calm and friendly town, where we could walk around without hassle visiting the churches and the Palazzo d'Avalos. The old town overlooked a long sandy beach with only a short walk down the hill from the centre. The first day we were welcomed by the deputy mayor at the municipality council hall with a warm and informative speech on Vasto. Afterwards, we visited the exhibition of student paintings, which the Italian students had made as a project activity. We attanded a conference entitled ‘From Scribble to Piece of Art’, which was about the natural need of drawing that children are born with and how important it is to improve it through education. We visited our partner school, Nuova Direzione Didattica di Vasto, and joined music and art classes. The Arts workshop was great! We all dicovered our hidden talent and became great artists during the activity. We loved Italy very much and had ‘delicious’ experiences with the pizzas, espressos and tiramisus.. One big surprise to share.... On special days the Italians have 8 courses... beware of that and never think that you are eating the last dish...

Macedonia Meeting

The next project meeting was held in the capital city of Macedonia. All partner schools came together in Skopje from 27 February to 4 March. Lazo Angelovski is a big school with a beautiful large garden. On the first day we were lucky to watch a beautiful performance on our project activities. The choir sang all the partner countries’ national songs in 6 different languages and performed Romania’s folktale about the importance of LOVE and showing mercy to others. We participated in some arts workshops and met Zivko Popovski, who is the creator of the ‘Flowers of Peace’ and an artist who was nominated the Nobel Prize in 2009 due to his commitment of donating paintings with his floral motives for over 30 years in order to spread world peace. We learnt that he so far has donated more than 30 thousand paintings to institutions and individuals, including heads of state and parliament, local and foreign artists. We observed Music, Arts and PE classes and listened to presentation about Macedonia’s culture given by students. Probably, it were the coldest days of the season but our wonderful friendship and the great welcoming of the Macedonian students kept us really warm inside. As for the food, ‘Ajvar’ is now in our breakfast and the Trilece was the best ever….

The complete video from the students’ show during the Macedonia meeting.

Austria Meeting

We were in Vienne, Austria for the last meeting of the project on 22-26 May 2018. Our partner school GTVS SPİELMANNGASSE had worked hard to make our final gathering a pleasant one. We were given the chance to see some of our projects outcomes like the games and songs in the classes witnessing the motivation of students playing and singing them. We attended meetings and discussed the impact of our project and the goals achieved. All partner schools took turns to talk about what results the project has created in each school. At the end we all felt that a PERFECT job was carried out and we all gave ourselves a random of a big applause. We left Austia, with a dizziness of Vienne’s beauty, tears in our eyes during ‘goodbyes’, with pride because of having finished our project with big success and the most important of all with such BIG LOVE in our hearts which we know will never end, and maybe will make us meet again in other future events…. We didn’t finish with a (.) we have put a (,) See you soon friends…