Christmas / New Year Postcard Activity

Students have designed beautiful cards for Christmas and New Year. They have written nice messages to each other. They have used graphics to create their cards. The aim was to make them use their creative skills in drawing and design. To make them aware of Christmas and New Year traditions, and to make them practise the target language. Especially the feeling of receiving cards from our partner school friends was great!


All schools have studied the famous Turkish artist Nuri Abaç for two months during December and January. They have learnt about his artistic style and the elements he has used in his work. Students have made beautiful paintings, which are being exhibited in the virtual Art Gallery below
The next Artist to be studied is Gustav Klimt from Austria... This way students will learn about world famous artists and by looking into their artistic perspectives, they will improve their own styles, creativity, imagination as well as their knowledge about famous artists in the world.

ART Gallery - Gustav Klimmt

All the partners studied the Austrian famous Artist Gustav Klimt from February to April. Even our Italian partner school has organized a special event to which students and parents were invited to learn more about this artist because their school logo is Klimt's master work The Tree of Life.

ART Gallery - Vladimir Dimitrov

The next precious artist our students learnt about was Vladimir Dimitrov from Bulgaria. He is one of the greatest names in Bulgarian painting. He is well-known for his portrait and landscapes, which our students also enjoyed painting. Below is the link for the beautiful Dimitrov collection our students have made.

ART Gallery - Stefan Luchian

The next artist our students learnt about was Stefan Luchian. He is a well known Romanian painter. He was an impressionist artist who mainly has created work on landscapes and still life. Our students enjoyed painting his beautiful flowers and peaceful landscapes, which can be seen in the link below.

ART Gallery - Lazar Lichenoski

Our students studied Lazar Lichenoski, painting artist and who is one of the founders of the contemporary Macedonian painting art. The themes of his canvases, highly loved by the public and the critics, are the rich colors of the Macedonian land, the poppy fields, the ripe flower fields, the shores of the Ohrid Lake.

ART GALLERY- Filippo Palizzit

Filippo Palizzi is a well-known Italian painter. Filippo Palizzi is known for figure, genre and landscape painting. He wanted to reflect the natural way of living and the beauty of nature itself on the canvas. Our students really loved to draw his donkeys, sheep and beautiful landscapes.



With the PEACE TRAIN activity we are trying to reinforce the importance of PEACE in the world and make children aware of reacting against global issues such as predujice, discrimination, racizm and how important it is to live in harmony and mutual love. There are no boundaries for tolerance and respect to each other as long as we accept that there is one WORLD being the home for ALL OF US and LIFE is so precious and it should be lived PEACEFULLY and HAPPILY..

In the second year of our project our Peace Train has again started travelling around... and is delivering happines and joy during its journey ... As Cat Stevens has put it forward in his beautiful song PEACE TRAIN...

Dreaming about the WORLD as ONE
And we believe it could be..
Someday it's going to come..

With the ride of the PEACE TRAIN from country to country... The whole WORLD PEACE will combine, and LIFE will be super FINE!


Our Peace Train is travelling from one country to the other carrying peaceful messages from children to children... PEACE is celebrated in February in Macedonia... and so did all the partner schools... Children had lessons on how important Peace is for the world... they made beautiful posters with striking messages.. First they voted for the best three posters of their schools and then they voted for the best posters of all the schools. The results will be announced soon...

Peace Poster Competition Results
The voting for the best posters in all partner schools is finished!! And here are the results..

The winning poster in each school is as follows.. Congrats!!!!!

Flowers of PEACE (Zivko Popovski)

ZİVKO POPOVSKİ, the creator of the ‘FLOWER of PEACE’
We were given the chance to meet Zivko Popovski, a famous Macedonian artist and humanitarian, who was nominated the Nobel Prize in the year 2009 for his big effort to spread the WORLD PEACE with his beautiful flower paintings. He showed us his extraordinary technique and we all tried ourselves .. well the results surprised even the artist himself… Let’s make PEACE bloom like flowers everywhere…

Peace Poems

Children want WORLD PEACE... They expressed their feelings with their beautiful poems..


Romanian students have visited their Turkish partner school from 22 to 28 April 2017. They also had the chance to be guests in the world's biggest Children' Festival held on the 23 April, which is celebrated throughout Turkey. Turkish students hosted their friends and made them learn about the Turkish culture. They visited famous attractions such as Atatürk's Mausoleum, saw the sharks in the big Aquarium and had fun playing bowling. The Romanian students joined lessons and experienced a typical 'Turkish' school day.
The farewell moments were very emotional since both parties had built up a big friendship and nobody wanted to leave...
Hands were waving goodbye but their friendship will stay forever...


All partner schools have shared their traditional children songs. Teachers have taught the songs to students and now we are proud to say that we can sing in 6 different languages. The song lyrics and musical notes are collected by our Romanian partners in one songs book, which our teachers will be able to use as a course material in the following years. We thank you students and our Romanian friends for their outstanding work!


Children love to play games. And we know that games include a lot of drama, rithym, singing and sometimes dancing.. all are forms of ART. Play provides children with efficient time to learn and improve the skills they need in the future. The role of physical education and play in emotional and social improvement of children concludes that physical activities and play truly improve their own social characteristics. That's why we are making attempts to reinforce the impact of games as well on our students in this project..
All countries shared their traditional children games. Students learnt how to play them. Our Macedonian partners compiled all the lesson plans and instructions of the games and made us a beautiful games booklet with a DVD. Now, we witness our students having fun at the playground playing these traditional children games..



Language is one important part of cultural heritage. That’s why we have covered some activities on language in our project. We have produced a dictionary in which we have basic words of MUSIC, ARTS and GAMES in the six languages. Our Bulgarian friends have made the beautiful pictures for the words. Our MULTILINGUAL PICTURE DICTIONARY is now ready for use…


Culture means food, and one of the best ways to introduce a country’s culture is to visit the kitchens. But we have added a spoonful of ART in the recipes and agreed that the taste is much better….


Our students tried the recipes and experienced the delightfulness of cooking traditional dishes and tasting them.

'All About US' E-Magazine

Our students shared their letters to get to know each other and to see what is different in their cultures as well as what they have in common.


Students have taken photographs of their neighbourhood reflecting culture.


When we think of children we should never forget how much they love to play with toys. And since we have put CHILDREN in the center of this project we felt the need to work on their TOYS as well. Each country produced their cultural toy from waste or recycling materials and shared it with the other countries. We hope our friends have learnt how to play ‘topaç’, which is a popular cultural toy in Turkey.

The Romanian Doll

This hand made doll represents a beautiful blonde princess, a figure in Romanian mythology, who is called Ileana Cosânzeana. She is described as a beautiful good-natured princess. In Romanian folklore, Ileana is the original concept of feminine beauty, the most beautiful amongst the fairies: her eyes look like the sun, her body is like the sea and her garments are made of flowers.

Pearls and gold flow out of her mouth when she sings. She is also said to use her power of white magic to heal or revive. Ileana Cosânzeana signifies the most poetic imagination of Romanian genius. She personifies the beauty, the youth, and the angelic soul, in one word the perfection of humanity. She is a mythical character with supernatural powers and with symbolic features.

Ileana Cosânzeana succeeds in defeating the evil forces because she is very brave, smart, modest and diligent. In some tales "Ileana Cosânzeana" is the fairy of Spring flowers, who gives each flower its perfume, although she also has the power to take it back. The elves love her, as do the flowers; even the wind loves Ileana, but he can never catch her. In the myth, she is a beautiful princess who is kidnapped by Zmeu (a Dragon equivalent), who locks her in his castle and waits for her to give in to his marriage proposal. She is saved by Făt-Frumos, who is analogous to Prince Charming. Făt-Frumos is tested by many trials as he makes his way to Ileana Cosânzeana. Finally, he fights Zmeu, beats him, and frees Ileana Cosânzeana. They both live happily ever after.

Folk Tale Booklet

TWe also worked on our folktales, whjch we think reflect national and cultural as well as global manners and teach a good moral to children. The tales were picturized by the students and the texts written in English. The booklet has become a perfect source for role-plays and drama in English lessons. Our Italian partner school has worked hard to combine all the stories and pictures and now we have it among our resources at school. Thank you Rosella!!

Eeyore’s Strip Stories

Spending time with Eeyore and making him experience our culture was one of the best activities of the project. Our students had so much fun with the lovely donkey… our students loved to draw his pictures and also created funny stories about him…