ODTU GVO is a private primary school under the foundation of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, which is the capital and an industrial town with about 7 million inhabitants. Our school was established in 1989 and since then it has reached to a number over 1000 students and about 150 staff in the primary section. As ODTU GVO Schools, we aim to graduate students who are equipped with the knowledge, SKILLS and INSIGHTS VITAL in the 21st CENTURY by providing them with the learning environments which highly VALUE INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES and with the opportunities ensuring that students achieve the fullest possible realization of their INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL.

As we live in a multinational world, the ODTU GVO Schools place great emphasis on FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING and LEARNING. The school is also an ECO-SCHOOL. We aim to empower students to be the change that our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning. With many clubs and activities that focus on GLOBAL ISSUES, we are also providing opportunities for our students to interact with WORLDWİDE ISSUES.

The Primary school has many different activities to GİVE SUPPORT TO PEOPLE IN NEED. In Primary School, action is an important extension of the learning experience. Students are encouraged to take action as a result of their learning, thus DEVELOPING A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY towards helping others and CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR COMMUNITY. It is important that all these experiences become a part of the students understanding of life.

Co-curricular activities are divided into club and after school activities. While designing these activities, students’ social, cultural and sporting needs are considered. Our purpose is to help our students discover their talents, improve those, build self-esteem, respect others’ rights and work well with other individuals. We want to stimulate and develop the different talents of children. Not only learning skills, but also the social and artistic skills.

Moreni, an industrial town with 18 000 people, is in continual developing and modernization. Primary School No. 4, Moreni is the biggest public primary and secondary school from Municipality Moreni. The school has 570 students with ages between 6 to 15 years old and 39 teachers, 14 primary school teachers and 15 teachers for different domains. The school provides high quality formal education and as well non formal education through extra- scholastic activities organized after the classes at the end of the week and during the “Scoala Altfel” activities. A number of 90 students have parents that work abroad because of the lack of jobs in the town. With these students school organizes counseling activities and remedial education.

A number of 20 students are identified as students with special educational needs, diagnosed by CJRAE Dambovita County. These students work with a team made by: the teacher of the class, the teacher supporter teacher and the school psychologist, all these in order to get integrated in mass education. In our school, study students with different religions and with diverse material possibilities.

The school has 25 classes, Informatics, Physics- Chemistry, Psychology laboratories, Gym, sport yard, Festivities room, library, cabinet for special needs children and medical cabinet.

The students obtain, every year, very good results at the end final learning cycles exams, integration in highschool being 100%.

The students obtained very good results at the cultural contests (music, painting, foreign languages) and sport competitions- county and national level.

The teachers of the school have superior studies- license and master studies in proportion of 100%, they are methodologists, responsible for the pedagogical meetings, they are trainers locally and nationally. Every year they participate at national and European special training courses. We were involved in regional projects concerning preventing school drop and the improvement of managerial instruments. Nationally we developed projects in collaboration with WWF Romania, “Salvati Copiii!”, , Ovidiuro, Environ, Europe Direct, Centru Judetean de Cultura Dambovita, on the purpose to offer students opportunities of personal and professional development.

With all these, they improve themselves permanently on the purpose of finding new ways/ methods of improving the quality of education and of the school- family relation. The most efficient and attractive methods for children are based on play, movement, drawing, movie, creativity and imagination. As a result, school involves permanently in new projects that will lead to the development of children’s personality, to the improvement of communication in foreign languages, to training moral and civic skills (tolerance, diversity, multi cultural), entrepreneurial skills like raising the school prestige in community and nationally.

A very good reason for us to involve in this project is the fact that, for two years, in the primary school have been introduced the so called “0 classes”, having students with ages from 5-6 years old, a novelty for Romanian educational system. Another reason would be the fact that at this age, of childhood, the personality of the children begins to develop, it emerges the wish to discover new things and school is the perfect environment to realize all that. As well we are in search of finding new ways/methods to stimulate children to collaborate within common activities, unconcerned the age, material possibilities, religion, sex.

The “Nuova Direzione Didattica di Vasto” is a department including 4 primary schools (500 children 6-11 years old) and 7 pre-primary schools (700 children aged 3-6 years) for a total of 1,200 students, located in Vasto, a turistic town on the Adriatic Sea in central Italy. For the number of the students, the teaching staff and the employees, it is the largest in the Abruzzo region. The Department is fully inserted in its territory, in whose economy is based primarly in the service sector, tourism and industry. The School cannot ignore the new needs of society and must prepare the new generations to the challenges that they will be called upon to address. For this reason that the end of the 90s the planning of our management embraced a wider range of instances: it took charge of promoting vital processes of integration between cultures, it has promoted projects to foster feelings of solidarity, it pays attention to the environment and to health.

The school, institutions, local authorities, associations present in the territory are numerous and each one contributes to its specificity and own resources, to create a completly positive social climate, respecting traditions and identities. The Nuova Direzione Didattica of Vasto has participate in several EU projects as coordinator or partner, because the School is projected to European dimension.

Previous EU projects of the School are:
- 2011 Coordinator of Multicultural Comenius Project – LLP Program: Title “Understanding and supporting dyslexic child in the early age“ how to monitor dyslexia signs and to prevent
- 2013 Partner of Multicultural Comenius Project – LLP Program: Title “Learn to read, read to learn“ how to motivate children to read for better learning
- 2014 Coordinator of KA2 Project – Erasmus+ Program: Title “Effective Teaching of Mathematics“ methods to teach the Maths with ingenious and fun games about logical items.

The Nuova Direzione Didattiva of Vasto every year organizes several projects for educational and social inclusion of students with disabilities and special needs, beside in the School is active a point listening for social and parental problems and a service for preventive screening of learning disabilities, as dyslexia, dysortography, ADHD.

The School is very active with projects in informal learning on topics as geography, history, art, cooking, science, music, citizeness; all classes of primary schools are furnished by Interactive Multimedial Whiteboard.

The people who form the core of design and management for EU projects has participated in many strategic partnerships and mobility projects in Europe: there is a working group set up by the director, two teachers and the administrative secretary.

The so composed staff has refined and improved its management, organizational and problem solving skills, report writing, inter-personal relations in foreign languages. In particular, the members have developed and/or consoldidates following skills and experiences
- Excellent ICT skills
- Ability to design specific projects (KA1 and KA2 within Erasmus+ Program) and training courses and retraining realized also through meeting and workshops
- Communication skills, team working and problem solving
- Technical organizational, relational and management aimed at promoting exchanges and mobility in the European and interaction with networks and organizations involved in the partnership
- Linguistic and intercultural skills that are essential for the inclusion and integration of the target group interested in European strategic partnerships.

The teachers are involved in training courses within development plan of ICT and English language skills to offer an education addresses to Europe.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria with a population of about 1.757 million people and 23 districts. Our school is located in Brigittenau which is the 20th district of Vienna . “GTVS Spielmanngasse 1” is one of the most popular primary schools here with more than 320 students and 35 teachers. It is a public school and the age range of our students varies between 6 and 11. Many of our students have migrant background and most of them are bilingual that is why Turkish, Serbian, Russian and many other languages are frequently spoken in our school. Our school offers different free time activities for students and tries to improve their strengths. By providing different sport, language, music and creativity courses we try to enhance individual learning skills and talents.

The foundation Alfa and Omega started, owns and operates the P.R. Slaveikov Secondary Private school in Sofia , Bulgaria, with its resource center for integrated teaching of children with SEN, in Sofia ,Bulgaria. The school houses 90 children and 15 teachers;

It runs from pre-school to 10th grade; In 11 and 12 grade we have 4 children, who are on individual study plans and come only for exams. We work with children with special needs / children with disabilities. By law we can’t have more than 2 such children per class. None in first grade, one or two in each of the other grades. These children have quality assessment not quantity. Ergoroom and montessori room. Standard assessment system as the country for all other kids. We have two made ethnic representations – Bulgarian and about 4 Bulgarian Roma childen. We participate in the Ministry’s olympiads, Mınistry of Education “God is Love” competition, we’ve won the first place several years in a row- applied arts, visual arts, poetry, prose.

Subjects-based competitions –organized by the Association of EU Education (civil org) called Hedgehog (natural sciences, humanities, Bulgarian, Math, English, Art competitions) Extra-curricular – Art school, Vocal group, football, chess, taekwondo, piano, ballet , open to all grades.

Apart from a wide range of extracurriculars, every other year we hold charity concerts with which we try to support the social integration of children with special needs. Furthermore, apart from a wide range of extracurriculars, every other year we hold charity concerts with which we try to support the social integration of children with special needs. Furthermore,in the last five years, we have placed two musicals and performances on Bulgarian folklore works.

The Municipal primary school “Lazo Angelovski” was built in the year 1988 and it was founded by the Municipal Parliament of the Municipality of Kisela Voda – Skopje with the decision no.15-6253/1 on 13.09.1988. The premises of the school occupy an area of 4752 m2 whereas the school yard occupies an area of 12604 m2. The school also includes sport courts and fields that occupy an area of around 200 m2.

The total number of employees is 104, 84 of which are professional educators - teachers.
The total number of students in the school year 2015/16 is 1377, even though this number used to be much higher in the past – reaching an unbelievable number of 2700 students in the school year 1993/94.
The school has its own emblem and school anthem. Apart from the regular school activities and the activities for the Patron’s Day celebration, the primary school “Lazo Angelovski” organizes the following manifestations:

• I have got talent
• Musical games
• Quiz of knowledge
• Foreign languages night
• Art happening
• Days of sport
• Orator night and many more.

Mission and vision of the school:
Our school is a safe, eco-friendly and an inclusive environment. All children are given the same equal opportunities to gain knowledge and skills through mutual cooperation and respect of the differences.

Our vision is to create a school that will provide children with an effective and relevant learning experience, especially directed to meeting the children’s needs and requirements. Through permanent support from their teachers, parents and the local community, the students manage to successfully overcome any challenges in the developing period and grow to become healthy, mature and social individuals.

Since its beginning, our school has participated in numerous projects, festivals, competitions, where both students and teachers have won many awards and acknowledgments, which are proudly displayed on the walls of our school. The school has also collaborated with many governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the realization of many different projects and programs. So far, our partners have been:

• The Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia
• The Bureau for Educational Development of Republic of Macedonia
• The Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia
• NGO – Open Gate – La Strada (Macedonia) and many more.

As a primary school, our focus is to be active and raise children’s awareness by taking active participation in different multicultural projects, eco projects, projects against violence and other. Some of our activities include:
• Project “Early learning of the German language“ – supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of RM and the Goethe Institute in Skopje
• Project “Multicultural integration in education” – supported by the Ministry of Science and Education, the Bureau of Educational Development of RM and USAID
• Project “School without violence“ – supported by UNICEF
• Project “Entrepreneurship“ – supported by SEECEL
• Project “Thinking Mathematics in early grades“ – supported by the Bureau of Educational Development of RM
• Project “Language literacy in early grades“ – supported by the Bureau of Educational Development of RM

Our teachers take part in many trainings, seminars and educational workshops that focus on introducing new approaches and methods in education. The teachers are divided into two groups:
• First group – teachers that teach from 1st grade to 5th grade (where one or two teachers teach different subjects)
• Second group – teachers that teach from 6th grade to 9th grade (where one teacher teaches one or two subjects).

OOU Lazo Angelovski has been a pilot school for many projects over the years, such as: Civil education, Active education, Descriptive grading, Computer for every child, including the newest projects like the project for integrating ECO content into education, Entrepreneurship and Inclusion.