Our Project Mascot "Eeyore the Donkey"

Eeyore the Donkey will be travelling from one country to the other and visit students in their schools and homes. Students will spend time with Eeyore and make him experience their culture. They will write diay entries in Eeyore’s big log about the whole adventure. Eeyore’s journey has started in Romania and will be transferred to Bulgaria in the next meeting. By the end of the second year of the project Eeyore’s log will be full of memories, photos, pictures, writings revealing the countries’ culture.

Eeyore is visiting Romania

Eeyore visited Romania from December until March. He spent days both at school and students homes. He learnt about how Romanian students spend their days at school and what they do after school and at weekends. He learnt about the Romanian culture.
Eeyore has a big log, which is designed and made by a Romanian teacher, Mihaela Dogarel (THank You ) and now it is full with photos, pictures and memories about Eeyore written by Romanian students.

Eeyore is visiting Bulgaria

Eeyore is now in Bulgaria and learning about this country.. The Bulgarian students seem to be so happy to have him..

Eeyore is in Italy

During the Bulgaria meeting Eeyore was given to the Italian teachers to take him to the Italian students.. We can see that Eeyore has already tasted 'real' Italian pizza and has his place among the Italian students...
Enjoy your time in Italy Eeyore....

Eeyore in Italy..

Our mascot Eeyoree has spent wonderful time in Italy and has put on some weight even eating those delicious pizzas of course...
Eeyoree has visited three countries so far... the whole experience is in his travel log... students wrote about Eeyoree’s visit to their schools and homes... you can read it for yourself...

Eeyore's Log

Have a look what Eeyore did with the students in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy...


Eeyore has visited Macedonia

Eeyore was in Macedonia during for three months. He was again very much loved and warmly welcomed by the Macedonian students and teachers.


Eeyore is visiting Austria

Our loveable mascot has already reached our partner school GTVS Spielmanngasse in Vienne. We can see from the photographs that he already has a place in the classroom. We wish you wonderful days in Austria, Eeyore!

And Finally Eeyore is back to his Homeland ‘Turkey’…

Afte a two year long travel from one country to another, Eeyore is noe in Turkey and has met the Turkish children.. His log was full with photographs, notes and memories.. we had a great time reading them… EEYORE and his precious LOG has become a treasure to be kept forever and will be exhibited to all students and visitors of our school… THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED AND MADE THIS SO VALUABLE!!