Study of the arts in its many forms is an essential part of achieving success in school, work and life. At the same time we think that arts and also sports are important for the value they add to learning and to life. However, study of the arts is quietly disappearing from our schools. In schools around the world, opportunities for students to participate in high-quality arts instruction and activities are diminishing because of shifting priorities and budget cuts.

*Why is it so important to keep the arts strong in our schools?
*How does study of the arts contribute to student achievement and success?

Teaching our students about art is a good idea, because:
•It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain.
•Art helps children understand other subjects much more clearly—from math and science, to language arts and geography.
•Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation.
•Participating in art activities helps children to gain the tools necessary for understanding human experience, adapting to and respecting others' ways of working and thinking, developing creative problem-solving skills, and communicating thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.

So, where should we begin? Let's start by seeing that teaching children about art is not just about showing them how to recognize a van Gogh or Picasso, it's about preparing young minds for a future of invaluable experience whether it is art related or not.

This project will cover a collection of studies and observations that examine how arts learning experiences affect the academic achievement and social development of children. It includes examples of tasks conducted in three major art form areas: games, visual arts, and music. Moreover, computer science skills are increasingly required in many different fields. Perhaps more importantly, learning to code also develops skills such as problem solving, logical reasoning and creativity.
Taking into account the Europe 2020 strategy, an effective investments in education is needed. This project will lead us into research and innovation in the fields of ICT, sports and arts. It will give us the chance to spotlight on the needs of our curricula, develop and implement new working methods, tools or resources, or run a joint research project on an issue affecting the learners.